For 19 years in the market, Loop Engineering offers complete solutions in industrial engineering works, involving from the design to the execution of the electromechanical infrastructure assembly, also encompassing the fronts of automation and assembly of electrical panels.

Providing growth to our customers is what drives and drives the development and evolution of our team of employees, who with a global vision of the challenges results in efficient, safe and transparent projects. With ethics, commitment and security we make the difference by delivering complete and reliable solutions.

Business: Transform ideas and engineering projects by providing development.

Mission: To provide growth to our clients by providing solutions in industrial projects and projects, focusing on efficiency in services, safety, respect for the environment and development of employees.

Vision: To achieve recognition in the national market for dynamism, commitment and ethics in its business.

Values: Loop Engenharia's commitment to execute its clients' projects with transparency, dynamism and safety, builds successful partnerships, never leaving aside the responsibility of acting on the basic principle of ethics.

Ethics • Commitment • Transparency • Responsibility • Security • Partnership



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